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Willow Basket Manufacturer and Wholesaler Wicker Basket, Wicker Pet Bed, Wicker Storage Basket, Willow Laundry Basket, Pet Basket, Willow Flower Basket, Wicker Gift Basket, Scented Tablet. Welcome design, accepted Small Quantities
藤狗床, 貓床, 藤籃批發, 果籃, 花籃, 編織籃, 酒籃, 洗衣籃, 禮物籃, 寵物床, 寵物籃, 香薰磚歡迎零售批發


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 Wicker Pet Bed
 (soap flower /
 scented wax)



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Willow Basket Manufacturer and Wholesaler Wicker Basket, Pet Bed, Willow Laundry Basket, Wicker Storage Basket, Pet Basket, Willow Flower Basket, Wicker Gift Basket. Accepted small qty
藤狗床, 貓床, 藤籃批發, 果籃, 花籃, 編織籃, 酒籃, 洗衣籃, 禮物籃, 儲物籃, 寵物床, 寵物籃, 狗床, 歡迎零售批發


           WB15014  (15.5") 39x31x12cm H *HK$50/pc                 WB15015 (17")43x36x12cmH *HK$60/pc  


  WB8602  (15.5")40x30x8cm   speical * HK55/pc
                WB15013  36x26x9cm *HK$35/pc


      WB8810 (16.5") 42cm diax10cm * HK$68/pc                         WB8605  (19.5") 50x35x9cm HK$70/pc                  
清貨價 HK$58/pc (最少訂購20個,自取)

    WB4302 black  (15.5") 40x30x15cm 
            special * HK$75/pc
             WB4317  (17.5")45x35x17cm  HK$85/pc
           清貨價 HK$70/pc (最少訂購30個,自取)


 WB8623  (17.5")45x34x8cm * HK$68/pc                    WB8624  (19.5")50x40x9cm * HK$80/pc     

45x35x9cm  * HK$68/pc

WB8613  (17.5")45x35x9cm  * HK$68/pc  


WB6080  39x28x17cm(H) * HK$55/pc                    WB15021  40x26x13cm HK68/pc              

wicker 28(L)x19(W)x8cm(H)
清貨價 HK$10/pc (最少訂購20個,自取)

WB2813 29x17x14cm HK$16/pc


WB50R  3pcs per set wicker basket 


Laundry Basket 
44(L)x35(W)x52cm(H)  * HK$350/pc   
special price : HK$300/pc
No Lid price : HK$280/pc

42x32x51cm Wicker Basket
speical price : HK$270/pc


PET-WB8202  Wicker Pet Bed
49cm(L) x 49cm(W) x 13cm(H)

Item : PET-8200 Wicker Pet Bed

Item : PET-8203 
Wicker Pet Bed


Item : PET-8002   Willow Pet Bed

Item : PET-6015 Willow Pet Bed
53cm(L) x 39cm(W) x 17cm(H)

Item : PET-8202 Dog Bed



Item : PET-8204 
Wicker Pet Bed
60cm x 35cm(W) x 14cm(H)

Item : PET-8102   Willow Pet Bed
53cm(dia) x 17cm(H)

Item : PET-8001  Willow Pet Bed
51cm(L) x 33cm(W) x 28cm(H)



Item : PET-6007


Packing paper

 Due to handmade products, there's a little bit color difference.

updated on Jan 18,2018