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Willow Basket Manufacturer and Wholesaler Wicker Basket, Wicker Pet Bed, Wicker Storage Basket, Willow Laundry Basket, Pet Basket, Willow Flower Basket, Wicker Gift Basket. Welcome design, accepted Small Quantities
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Willow Basket Manufacturer and Wholesaler Wicker Basket, Pet Bed, Willow Laundry Basket, Wicker Storage Basket, Pet Basket, Willow Flower Basket, Wicker Gift Basket. Accepted small quantities
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WB15014  (15.5") 39x31x12cm H * Stock (HK$55/pc)         WB15015  (17") 43x36x12cm H  
* Stock (price : HKD60/pc)


WB15012  40x31x9cm * Stock                       WB15013  36x26x9cm * Stock  


Wicker Basket 39x28x17cm(H) * Stock (price : HK$50/pc)

WB0198 wicker size : 28(L)x19(W)x8cm(H) )* Stock            WB50R  3pcs per set wicker basket                  
         (Price : HK$25.00/pc)                                             (Retail price : HK$100/set)                  


Laundry Basket 
Stock  (Price : HK$320/pc)   

WB9011  wicker basket
* Stock  (Price : HK$38/pc) 


wicker basket set
43x30x15cm, 37x25x13cm
* Stock  (Price : HK$150/pc) 


WB15021 Wicker Basket 
* Stock 
(Price : HK$68/pc)

WT315 Wicker Tray 31x5x26cm * Stock

WT384  Wicker  Tray 38x4x28cm * Stock


WB2012 Basket 20x20x12cm *Stock  WB2013 Basket 20x20x12cm *Stock  WB2014 Basket 20x20x12cm *Stock


Item : WB614   Willow Basket
Size : 38x36x14cm

Item : WB615  Wicker Basket 
Size : 38x36x14cm

Item : WB616 Wicker Basket
Size : 44x34x13cm


Item : WB-3836  Wicker Basket Size : 38x36x14cm(H)

Item : WB4434 Willow Basket
Size : 44x34x13cm
* Stock (price : HK$45/pc)


Item : WB-0903
Gift Basket  30cm diax15cm
price :HK$40/pc)


Item : WB-2718 Wicker Basket 27x18x10cm * Stock

Item : WB-3222   Wicker Basket 32x22x10cm(H)

Item : WB-5060A   Wicker Basket set


Item : WB-6081  
Wicker rectangular basket with handle
size : 44cm(L) x 32cm(W) x 23cm(H)
* Stock (price : HKD90/pc)

Item : WB-0901   Wicker Basket

Item : WB-453(3)     
Willow Basket set


WB1182   Wicker Basket                   WB1182     Wicker Basket                  WB1190    Wicker Basket 


Item : WB-5062  Laundry Wicker Basket

Item : WB-5064   Laundry Wicker Basket with lid

Item : WB-5061   Laundry Willow Basket with lid


WB-5054  Wicker Baseket

Item : WB-5055 
Wicker Baseket

Item : WB-5058     Willow Basket


Item : WB-5056  Wicker Baseket

Item : WB-5060     Wicker Basket with cotton cloth

Item : WB-5057 
Wicker Baseket


Item : WB-50     Willow Basket set

* part of wicker basket are not included "Liner"

updated on March 25,,2015